Photos & Videos from Past Shows

Check out photo albums from YMTC’s past hits!

Company-2-17-16-final-1159   Company
February 2016
Godspell-11-4-15-9638   Godspell
November 2015
DSM-7-24-15-8098   Don’t Stop Me
July 2015
13-TheMusical-May162015-1177   13
May 2015
Fiddler-Feb-282015-3673   Fiddler on the Roof
February 2015
Cabaret-10-8-14-1903   Cabaret
October 2014
SouthPacificJuly-262014-3624   South Pacific
July 2014
SUNDAY-ITPWG-3-8-14-2667   Sunday in the Park with George
February 2014
YMTC-12-4-13-0519   Urinetown
December 2013
Wonderful-3-9-13-4999   Wonderful Town
March 2013