YMTC holds auditions throughout the year for our productions. All auditions are by appointment only and, unless otherwise noted, are open to students 7th grade through university. Tuition Assistance is available for all programs.

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Audition Feedback

YMTC is a training company and we believe that young artists learn at every step in the theater process. And, auditioning is a major part of what performers do.  If you feel it would be helpful, we would like to offer everyone who auditions for us constructive feedback.

We will only take email requests from students directly (not parents). Please note that it can sometimes take several weeks to get back to everyone.

If you would like feedback on your recent audition, please email us at

YMTC has tuition assistance available. Read about it here.

YMTC offers Audition Classes. Read more.

Guys & Dolls rehearsal schedule

Guys and Dolls will begin rehearsal on Sept. 5th and meet Monday-Friday from 4:30-8:30 (in general.) Not everyone is called to every rehearsal, and students will be called more or less frequently depending upon the role they are cast in.

Rehearsals will be held at YMTC’s rehearsal space in South Aquatic Park in Berkeley until tech week— beginning on Sunday, Oct 29th— when we move into the El Cerrito High Performing Arts Theater, and rehearsals will go until 10pm.

The show opens Nov 4th and runs for 6 shows over two weekends, closing on Nov 12th.